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Quality pregnancy options education includes providing medically accurate, unbiased, non-judgmental information about abortion, adoption and parenting. Best practices include sharing information about related laws, timing, the decision-making process, pros and cons, health risks, and the range of beliefs about all pregnancy options available. Supportive learning environments must also be created before facilitating objective discussions about sensitive topics like pregnancy options.

People who receive accurate and age-appropriate sexual health education throughout their lives have better sexual and reproductive health outcomes and healthier, more respectful relationships. Age-appropriate sex education helps youth make healthier decisions and develop into sexually healthy adults. Introducing the concept of reproductive life planning at early ages can motivate youth to delay sexual intercourse and to use more effective, long-term contraception when they do decide to have sex.

Studies have shown that increased communication between a child and their parent or guardian will lead to safer sexual behavior among teens. Parents or guardians should be the primary source for young people to learn about their changing bodies, sexual and reproductive health and healthy relationships. Family communication about sex helps young people become comfortable thinking and talking about sex which helps them have better health outcomes and healthier, more respectful relationships.

Best practices in birth control education go beyond teaching clients or students what it is, how it works and potential side effects. Quality birth control education emphasizes the most effective birth control methods and leverages learned skills to motivate individuals to access sexual and reproductive health services. After a birth control education session, students should know how to be informed "contraceptors" who maintain their health, achieve their goals and plan for any future pregnancies.


Dawn Harbatkin, MD, Director of Addiction Medicine, HealthRight360


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