Core Values

We Believe

We believe that full autonomy over our sexuality, reproduction and gender identity is a fundamental human right, and that having the resources and freedom to make personal decisions about our sexual and reproductive health are essential and foundational components of individual, family, and community health. We recognize the link between power, oppression and control over our sexual and reproductive health, and envision a future where everyone can get the care they want and need – with dignity and respect.

We also acknowledge that the well-being of our staff is essential to advancing our mission. We commit to living our values internally and supporting work/life balance so our team can thrive.

Our core values integrate equity, inclusion, justice and belonging into everything we do. They guide and drive critical action and behaviors throughout our organization, inform decisions and relationships, and stand as the pillars of our organizational culture.

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Dismantle Racism and Cis-Heteropatriarchy.

We acknowledge and name historical and current injustices, and racist, misogynistic, and anti-queer and anti-trans policies that cause and perpetuate health inequities. We will intentionally work to dismantle racism and other oppressive systems, and work to build a more inclusive future by understanding privilege, recognizing and unlearning internalized racism and other biases, and committing to anti-racist principles.

Respect Autonomy. Lead with Humility.

We respect and actively protect the fundamental rights to bodily autonomy, self-determination and the ability to live freely with human dignity. We approach our work with individual and organizational humility, recognize positionality, and identify when it is more helpful to listen, reflect, and learn.

Promote Community Health.

We support and promote improved health outcomes, and the ability of our staff and community members to thrive. We seek to foster an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, live their purpose, embrace their fullest expression and access equitable, affordable, and person-centered care.

Center Community.

We center community voices, context and needs in the development of our programs, services, and internal and external policies. We are committed to collaborating with staff across our organization, community members, and stakeholders to inform, develop and implement a more inclusive and just sexual and reproductive health system for all.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable and Commit to Transparency.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for advancing our mission and upholding our values across our organization - as individuals, team members, and collaborative partners. We understand that transparency and honesty are essential components of accountability. We will institutionalize accountability measures to ensure that we have a community-level impact, advance sexual and reproductive health equity and justice, and support a healthy work environment.

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