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Essential Access Health is extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our training participants for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success.

See what participants are saying about training with us:

Family Planning Health Worker (FPHW) Certification training participants:

"I have been a nurse practitioner in public health for over 30 years and found this course to be very helpful."
     -Advanced Practice Nurse, Tennessee (virtual interactive training)
"This is the second time I have taken this training and I have loved the flexibility that this online version has compared to the in person one."
     -Senior Engagement Coordinator, California (virtual interactive training)
"I appreciated that the course was comprehensive and addressed the multitude of sexual health topics a patient may want to discuss."
     -Practice Transformation Lead, Washington (virtual interactive training)
"I really enjoyed the course! The zoom meetings were engaging and the material was easy to follow and understand. I really liked the quizzes after each section material."
     -Health Education Specialist, California (virtual interactive training)
"This course equipped me to better educate and empower clients to make more informed decisions regarding reproductive health and birth control methods."
     -Clinic Manager, Texas (virtual interactive training)
“I've taken over 70 courses just in professional development during my career and this training is, by far, the BEST I've been to.”

“This should be taught as a part of nursing school community health programs! It was an incredible learning program!” 
     - Sacramento, California (2-day in-person training)
“I thoroughly enjoyed the class from start to finish. Being a male nurse, it was very insightful, interesting and eye opening learning more about women's health.”

“Andria was wonderful. She was very engaging and made the material easy to understand and absorb.”
     - Pearl, Mississippi (2-day in-person training)
“The information presented was very informative, detailed, and clear. Prior to the training I thought I had a good grasp of birth control methods and STI's but my knowledge base certainly expanded with this training.”

“It's a thorough and complete course on Family Planning. I’ve been a nurse for 37 years and still learned new best practices!”

“I thought this training was direct, practical, and provided actual simple language and materials that I can incorporate into my counseling immediately.”
     - Jackson, Mississippi (2-day in-person training)
“The trainer's way of presenting was AMAZING! She was phenomenal and made the two days exciting, interesting and really took the time out to make sure we understood the information. I would definitely take this training again.”

“Erica is a fabulous speaker/trainer. I was very impressed by her science-based knowledge. Her enthusiasm, participation and encouragement is exceptional. She is absolutely perfect for her job. VERY IMPRESSED!”
     - Denver, Colorado (2-day in-person training)
“Thank you for creating an environment for learning that was so informative, engaging and enjoyable! The trainer was very knowledgeable, energized and fun.”
     - Redwood City, California (2-day in-person training)
“I did not realize how much I needed to improve as a Family Planning Health Worker until I took this class. I feel like I can make a better impact in my community now.”
     - Long Beach, Mississippi (2-day in-person training)
“The trainer was very knowledgeable and fun. Great interactions with and between participants. An easy-going environment to learn in. I now feel more comfortable speaking about all birth control methods with patients.”
     - San Diego, California (2-day in-person training)
“This course gave me the skills to not only complete an efficient overview of all contraceptive options but to also dive deeper into a specific method and know what my talking points should be.”

“Loved the instructor. Amber was so easy to follow and so engaged with the group. Never a dull moment!”

“A well thought out, organized and comprehensive training. Highly recommended! I plan to utilize the tools given to enhance patient counseling sessions.”

“I like Amber’s interactive style of teaching used during this training. It helps with retention of information. I am better prepared to educate others on birth control and sexual health.”

“We learned great strategies for presenting contraceptive methods in a clear and efficient manner.”

"This course training was very interactive. The speaker used videos, written materials, role playing to keep our attention."

“Amazing training! Very informative for beginning and experienced family planning workers.”
     - Various cities, South Carolina (2-day in-person training)
“Fun, lively, educational, informative training with real world applications.”

“The trainer did an excellent job. She kept the training fun and interesting and engaged the class the entire time and kept it moving at a good pace. Good sense of humor, too!”

“A refresher is always helpful for those of us that have been working in this field forever.”
     - San Luis Obispo, California (2-day in-person training)

Motivational Interviewing Workshop participants:

“Amber is a great instructor. She is very engaging and approachable. I plan to use the interviewing techniques she taught us.”
     - South Carolina (4-hour in-person training)
“Motivational interviewing and reflective listening are critical tools to use when working with others. This training empowers you with the tools to empower your clients.”

“Very helpful training. It will improve my patient care and helping others make progress to changing behaviors that affect their health.”

“Andria is a fabulous trainer. Very knowledgeable and a great speaker. Very engaging of audience. Very empowering presentation.”
     - Bakersfield, California (4-hour in-person training)
“I am now better equipped to identify ambivalence regarding behavioral modification when I interview my clients with STI diagnoses. I can use the motivational interviewing technique to better frame that ambivalence to help my clients recognize it.”

“Excellent workshop and trainer! I learned a lot and I really like the way she does workshops. I plan on using all the tools that we learned about to have better communication with patients.”
     - Oakland, California (4-hour in-person training)

Pregnancy Options Counseling Certification Training participants:

"I have been doing pregnancy counseling for over 10 years and I still learned ways to improve my approach and techniques."
     -Clinical Director, Wyoming (virtual interactive training)
"Excellent course. I learned so much! Very engaging and never boring. Breakout rooms for role playing were invaluable."
     -Registered Nurse, California (virtual interactive training)
"I was familiar with Options counseling before this course. Now I have new approaches to use in patient conversations, including open questions, reflecting feelings and normalizing."
     -Clinical Policy Coordinator, Iowa (virtual interactive training)
"The training is interactive and the sessions are easy to follow. I like the accessibility of going back to the modules to review when needed. Highly recommend the training."
     -Medical Assistant, California (virtual interactive training)
"This course has helped me in knowing how to address families that are dealing with pregnancies that are planned or not planned. I am able to help provide unbiased information, so families have a clear understanding of their pregnancy options."
     -Health Educator, Virginia (virtual interactive training)
"Excellent training. The trainers were very patient-centered and compassionate."
     -Lead Physician, California (virtual interactive training)
"This training allowed me to examine my own personal beliefs and gave me extremely helpful and new information about abortion and adoption. I appreciated the fast pace of the modules and the regular quizzes, and I felt engaged throughout the training."
     -Campus Patient Advocate, California (virtual interactive training)
“The training was very engaging! Thank you for the activity that allowed us to step outside of our own values - this was really helpful!”
“This was very hands on. We role played multiple scenarios which helped to prepare us for the unexpected questions patients might come up with.”

“Phenomenal training! Perfect balance of lecture and activities. Prior to this training I knew very little about adoption choices and resources to present to my patients, now I feel much more confident and informed.”
     - Oakland, California (2-day in-person training)
“The options counseling training has changed how I provide counseling. I have a better understanding of how to present all 3 options now.”

“The trainer was great, kept you interested in the subject. Good motivation to make this subject less difficult to discuss.”
     - Los Angeles, California (2-day in-person training)
“As a result of this training I plan to give unbiased information regarding all three pregnancy options, use more reflective listening in counseling sessions and share more info and resources about adoption and parenting options.”

“I always love and appreciate Erica as a trainer. Always unbiased and shares the importance of women's health with simplicity and compassion.”
     - Sacramento, California (2-day in-person training)

Permanent Contraception Training participants:

“Because of this training I am now able to explain to each patient thoroughly the process and types of permanent sterilization.”

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Also, unbiased and made the training a safe space to ask questions.”

“This training clarified the regulations and explained provider bias and the importance of warm referrals exceptionally well.”
     - Oakland & Los Angeles, California (1-day in-person training)

Private Training Testimonial:

“Essential Access Health offers such great training opportunities for our ever expanding health centers. The trainings are always up to date and follow current trends, and they also offer insight into what may be coming on the horizon. The content is presented in an easy to follow format, and the role playing is very helpful to our staff. We look forward to attending more trainings provided by their wonderfully skilled trainers.”
     - Santa Clarita, California (multiple in-person clinic trainings)

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