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Essential Access Health's Research Center is a national leader in contraceptive research and development. For over thirty years, the Research Center has conducted clinical trials evaluating the safety, acceptability and efficacy of new contraceptive methods including IUDs, vaginal rings, male and female condoms, microbicides, emergency contraceptives and fertility monitors.

A foundational member of the National Institutes of Health’s Contraceptive Clinical Trials Network, Essential Access Health's Research Center has conducted studies for California's Office of Family Planning, Family Health International (FHI), CONRAD, PATH, Kaiser Permanente, Merck Foundation, and The California Wellness Foundation.

Our Southern California and Bay Area offices feature over 20 highly qualified and experienced research professionals with expertise in OB-GYN, family planning, epidemiology, biostatistics, study design, project management, analysis and reporting. Essential Access Health's Research Center also helps biotech and pharmaceutical corporations bring new products to market. 

Our senior investigators have experience managing over 100 clinical studies and have published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed journals. Read their bios.

Our Research Center collaborates with experienced community clinics and private medical practices throughout California. Contact us to see how we can help bring your sexual and reproductive health innovation to market.

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