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Abortion Access

Essential Access Health (Essential Access) believes that access to comprehensive and patient-centered sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion, is essential for individual, family, and community economic security and health and well-being.

Uncompensated Care Application Open

Practical Support Application Open

With the United States Supreme Court’s devastating decision overturning Roe vs. Wade, the call to action to reduce barriers to abortion care when and wherever possible is urgent and necessary. The right to bodily autonomy is fundamental, and the ability to make personal decisions about our health, families, and futures should not be determined by an individual’s zip code, age, or income.

Essential Access enhances abortion care capacity and increases pathways to receiving time-sensitive and potentially life-changing – and saving – abortion services and medically-accurate information through training, technical assistance, and fund distribution.

Our Medication Abortion Access Program helps integrate medication abortion in diverse health settings across the country.

California Reproductive Health Equity Initiative

The State of California is partnering with Essential Access to administer the Uncompensated Care and Abortion Practical Support grant programs.

Uncompensated Care Grant Program

California Assembly Bill 2134 (Weber) established the Uncompensated Care grant program within the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI), and the legislature appropriated $40 million to ensure abortion and contraception services are affordable for and accessible to all patients seeking these essential health services across the state. The second RFP cycle for program funding was released April 8, 2024 and applications are now open. Learn more >>>

Practical Support Grant Program

The 2022-23 California State Budget appropriated funds to establish a $20 million Practical Support grant program at HCAI to assist pregnant people with direct practical support for the purposes of obtaining an abortion. The second RFP cycle for program funding was released April 8, 2024 and applications are now open. Learn more >>>

Los Angeles County Abortion Access Safe Haven

In 2022, Los Angeles County designated Essential Access as the Program Administrator for the Los Angeles County Abortion Access Safe Haven Grant Program. The second RFP for program funding was released on January 22, 2024 and the 2024 application has now closed. Learn more >>

The California Department of Health Access and Information has additional funding opportunities currently available.

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