Research Center

Our Model

Essential Access Health's Research Center compliments its region-wide study recruitment campaigns with a select network of local community and private practice providers who serve diverse patient populations throughout Southern California and the Bay Area. Our network consists of community providers who have collaborated with us on over 100 clinical investigations. This unique collaboration makes research participation accessible to a broad spectrum of research participants while ensuring adherence to rigorous research standards.

Our Research Center field staff are comprehensively trained in each specific study protocol and are supervised by a project director charged with maintaining precision and project excellence throughout the study process.

An additional layer of quality assurance is overseen by Essential Access Health's regional medical advisors who review all study outcomes and provide medical management for research participants. Essential Access Health regulatory affairs manager and Essential Access Health Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensure strict regulatory compliance and the highest level of research ethics.

When conducting federally funded research, Essential Access Health adheres to our FCOI Policy

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