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Essential Access Health's Learning Exchange is a leading resource for best practices in the provision of quality, patient-centered sexual and reproductive health care. Our training opportunities focus on improving clinical quality and enhancing operational systems to improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes in a changing health care environment. The selected trainings below focus on strengthening patient-centered counseling skills.

Currently our public trainings are virtual. However, if your agency is interested in scheduling an in-person private/custom training, please contact us.

Family Planning Health Worker Certification

This Family Planning Health Worker (FPHW) Certification Training is Essential Access Health's nationally recognized comprehensive contraceptive counseling and education training course for health providers and educators. 

All training recipients receive online access to the updated flipbook manual, "Fundamentals of Family Planning" and an individual assessment of their ability to provide high quality, patient-centered contraceptive options counseling with STI prevention messaging.

Family Planning Health Worker Certification is received upon passage of an online final exam and uploaded contraceptive counseling session video and is valid for three years.

Continuing Education Credits: Nursing = 16.1; CHES = 13; CPH = 14

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Pregnancy Options Counseling Certification

A certification training to learn how to provide client-centered options counseling informed by medically accurate information about pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption. Participants learn how to assist clients/patients in meeting their immediate reproductive goals.

Pregnancy Options Counseling Certification is received upon passage of an online final exam and uploaded pregnancy options counseling session video and is valid for five years.

Continuing Education Credits: CME = 10.5; Nursing = 12.6; CHES = 11; CPH = 11

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Introduction to Sexual + Reproductive Health

We recommend this training serve as a prerequisite for those who are new to reproductive health who wish to take the Family Planning Health Worker Certification Training. Participants will learn about reproductive anatomy, contraception, and STIs. There will also be activities for participants to examine and process personal values around sexuality. In addition, this course will provide an overview of laws and policies that relate to access and confidentiality of reproductive health care.

Continuing Education Credits: Nursing = 7.2; CHES = 6; CPH = 6

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Integrating Sexual + Reproductive Health and Primary Care in Diverse Health Settings

This nationally recognized training provides evidence-based clinical guidelines and operational best practices for integrating quality sexual and reproductive health services with primary care. Current national reproductive health guidelines such as the USMEC, USSPR, and QFP Recommendations, practical tools, resources and sample team-based integration plans are reviewed and utilized throughout this interactive one day training.

Continuing Education Credits: CME = 5; Nursing = 6.1; CHES = 5; CPH = 6

Motivational Interviewing: A Best Practice for Sexual + Reproductive Health

When used consistently and effectively, motivational interviewing (MI) is a simple yet innovative counseling technique that can increase birth control continuation rates, reduce unintended pregnancy and high-risk sexual behaviors. Successful implementation of MI techniques have also been shown to increase STI/HIV prevention behaviors and treatment follow through and overall patient satisfaction. In this workshop, participants get hands-on practice using MI techniques to provide patient-centered sexual and reproductive health counseling. 

Continuing Education Credits: Nursing = 3.6; CHES = 3; CPH = 3

Talking with Patients about Permanent Contraception

Sterilization is an effective method of contraception that provides patients with a reliable and permanent pregnancy prevention option. Learn how to help patients meet their long-term reproductive goals by providing patient-centered, unbiased counseling in this one-day training. Participants receive the most current and medically accurate information about all methods of permanent contraception and best counseling practices to minimize future regret. This interactive training also shares how to help patients understand consent and documentation requirements and make appropriate and “warm” referrals for sterilization procedures.

Continuing Education Credits: CME = 6.5; Nursing = 7.8; CHES = 6.5; CPH = 7

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