Essential Access Health's Research Center consistently recruits and enrolls large numbers of racially and ethnically diverse study participants at a very fast pace. The  Research Center team screens thousands of men and women each year and enrolls hundreds of eligible participants in contraceptive and reproductive health trials. Essential Access Health’s recruitment track record can be attributed to nearly 30 years of experience in managing innovative multi-media recruitment campaigns.

We ensure that study subjects represent the population intended for product use by using comprehensive and targeted recruitment strategies including radio, print and online advertisements.

Prospective subjects are invited to reach our Research Center through a toll free number to schedule a time to come to our office to be pre-screened for study eligibility. The Research Center team members enroll and interview participants at one of a dozen convenient clinic locations located throughout Los Angeles County and the Bay Area.

Essential Access Health’s Research Center Recruitment Capabilities:

  • Study specific national toll-free number
  • Call center staffed by experienced, trained research assistants
  • Call center open M-F from 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM EST
  • 24-7 automated phone system
  • Personalized email message response 7 days a week
  • Participant friendly recruitment website
  • Proven web based ad campaign strategies
  • System for monitoring efficiencies
  • Caller tracking software
  • Ability to tailor screening services to the specifications of individual study sites
  • Weekly site specific recruitment reports

Learn more by visiting our participant friendly recruitment site.