Programs + Services

Essential Access Health Solutions

Essential Access Health's consulting arm provides a broad range of service and product solutions and on-site, in-depth strategic guidance and technical assistance to improve clinical and administrative performance.

Essential Access Health Solutions collaborates with clients in diverse settings to launch new initiatives and re-examine and redesign existing programs, resources and systems to:

  • Ensure maximum impact
  • Enhance organizational sustainability
  • Strengthen health care service delivery 
  • Improve administrative and clinical efficiency

Essential Access Health Solutions services include:

Health Care Business Operations

  • Patient flow optimization
  • Billing + reimbursement management
  • EHR maximization
  • Integration of high quality family planning + primary care
  • Organizational assessment + recommendations

Health Care Quality Improvement

  • Performance measure evaluation
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Data dashboards + action plans

General Operations + Management

  • Fiscal agent or grant/RFP administration
  • Inventory procurement + distribution
  • Program administration

Public Affairs

  • Market/policy research + analysis
  • Public policy development + advancement strategies
  • Public awareness + social media campaigns

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