About Essential Access Health

Mission: Essential Access Health champions and promotes quality sexual + reproductive health care for all

We achieve our mission through a wide range of programs and services including clinic support initiatives, provider trainings, advanced clinical research, advocacy + consumer awareness. Essential Access leads the Title X federal family planning program in California and Hawai'i. Learn more about Title X >>>

Advancing Sexual + Reproductive Health Access and Equity

Essential Access was established in 1968, grounded in the belief that the ability to plan our families and futures and make informed, autonomous choices about our sexual and reproductive health are essential for overall health and well-being. More than fifty years later, our 2021 – 2024 Strategic Framework builds upon our long-standing commitment to making access to high quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and information a reality for everyone – regardless of income, race, age, gender identity or sexual orientation, zip code, insurance or documentation status.

Although we have made significant progress over the past five decades, systemic and structural barriers continue to perpetuate and contribute to unequal health access, resulting in disproportionate health disparities among disenfranchised communities, and Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. We recognize that in order to truly advance our mission, we must address the root causes of sexual and reproductive health disparities head-on. Our Principles of Equity + Roadmap for Action provides an overview of the meaningful steps we will take to help ensure that the future of sexual and reproductive health care is more inclusive, just, and equitable.

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With offices in Northern and Southern California, our dedicated staff of have a wide range of expertise in the field of sexual and reproductive health – as researchers, trainers, health care leaders, and more.

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