Policy Priorities

Essential Access Health’s public policy priorities seek to protect and expand access to quality sexual and reproductive health care for all.

This legislative session, Essential Access Health is sponsoring SB 1023 – Expanding Access through Mobile Technology. Introduced by Senator Ed Hernandez, SB 1023 seeks to increase access to and utilization of essential and time sensitive preventive services like family planning and STD care, by enhancing coverage for these services provided through mobile technologies like phone, video and smartphone application.

Essential Access Health is also calling on our state leaders to address historically high STD rates by increasing investment in STD prevention activities statewide, particularly in regions with disproportionately high rates.

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Essential Access Health has sponsored significant legislation in the past several years that improve access to sexual and reproductive health care services in California. Bills that are now state law include:

  • SB 743 - Freedom of Choice in Family Planning - authored by Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez, the measure codifies the federal freedom of choice in family planning provider provision into California statute to ensure that Medi-Cal enrollees do not lose access to their preferred family planning provider.
  • The Direct Access to Reproductive Health Act – AB 1954 – authored by Assemblymember Autumn Burke, the measure prohibits health insurance plans from requiring a referral prior to an enrollee accessing time-sensitive sexual and reproductive health care.
  • SB 999 – Annual Supply of Contraceptives – authored by Senator Fran Paveley, the measure requires health plans and health insurance policies to cover up to a 12-month supply of prescribed, FDA-approved self-administered contraceptives, like the ring, patch and oral contraceptives.
  • SB 1053 – The Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act – authored by Senator Holly Mitchell, the bill required most health plans in California to cover the full range of FDA-approved methods of birth control without restrictions or cost-sharing.

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