Meet the Research Team

Essential Access Health research team consists of well-known experts in contraceptive research, gynecology, family planning, epidemiology, data management and analysis, computerized subject tracking, and management of multimedia recruitment campaigns. Their many publications and reports advance new contraceptive products, promote successful strategies for reproductive health care delivery, and shape public policy. The high quality and efficiency of Essential Access Health Research projects is achieved by experienced interviewers, project monitors, data managers, and analysts.


Ron Frezieres, Vice President of Research and Evaluation  

As the Director of Essential Access Health Research Center, Ron Frezieres has over 30 years of experience in the design, execution and analysis of phase I, II, III and IV clinical investigations of contraceptive products and emergency contraceptives. He has served as Principal Investigator on multiple Phase II/III clinical trials of new methods of contraception. 

Ron Frezieres has published numerous articles in Contraception and Family Planning Perspectives. He is frequently asked to present papers at professional conferences and media forums.  He provides consultation to NICHD and various family planning research organizations (FHI, CONRAD, PATH) in clinical trial design, project management, and recruitment strategies.


Dr. Anita Nelson, Medical Director of Essential Access Health’s Research Center

Dr. Nelson is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of OB-GYN at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, voluntary Clinical Professor of OB-GYN at USC School of Medicine and Professor and Chair of the Department of OB-GYN at Western University Health Sciences. She worked at Harbor-UCLA for 30 years as Chief of Women’s Healthcare Programs, where she was Medical Director for over two decades the largest women’s nurse practitioner education program in the country. She continues to work with Los Angeles BioMedical Research Institute and with Essential Access Health as Medical Director of the research division.

Dr. Nelson’s areas of interest are contraception, menopause, infection, and menstrual disorders. She has served as Principal Investigator for many NIH contraceptive trials conducted by Essential Access Health as a member of the Contraceptive Trials Network (CCTN) and for commercial entities. She has authored more than 225 articles for professional journals, 12 books and 70 chapters. Anita is a senior author of Contraceptive Technology, is a member of the editorial boards of Contraception, Contraceptive Technology Update, Contraception and Reproductive Medicine and AJOG and is a reviewer for many other journals. She lectures frequently at national and international conferences and is often interviewed by the media as an expert and as an advocate.


Terri Walsh, Director of Research and Evaluation 

Terri Walsh has over 25 years of experience in study design, protocol development, data management, analysis, and report writing.  She has supervised the data management and performed analysis for numerous contraceptive efficacy trials.  She has also evaluated family planning service delivery and assessed contraceptive acceptability and contraceptive risk taking behaviors. 

Terri Walsh has authored numerous scientific articles published in Contraception, Family Planning Perspectives, and Lancet. She has presented at many professional conferences and has provided consultation to international natural family planning programs, smoking cessation programs, health care surveys, STD surveillance projects, and health care delivery evaluations.