STD Prevention Center

Essential Access Health’s STD Prevention Center is a leading resource for best practices in STD screening, testing, and treatment.

Essential Access Health works in close partnership with the California Department of Public Health STD Control Branch, the Los Angeles County Division of HIV/STD Programs, county health departments, our Title X network and other community providers to support the delivery of quality care and prevent the spread of STDs.

The STD Prevention Center’s primary focus is the prevention of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV and HIV. Contact us to learn more >>

Essential Access Health’s STD Prevention Center offers providers, stakeholders and community partners support in the following areas:

Technical Assistance

The STD Prevention Center provides technical assistance for best practices in quality improvement, STD control and treatment, and case management.


The STD Prevention Center offers expert training and on-site support to improve clinic operations and enhance the capacity of providers to integrate STD prevention and treatment guidelines and recommendations into their practice. Contact us to learn more >>

Patient Delivered Partner Therapy (PDPT)

Essential Access Health's Patient Delivered Partner Therapy (PDPT) Program provides free chlamydia and gonorrhea medication to eligible clinic sites and local health jurisdictions serving uninsured and/or under-insured populations in the state of California. Learn more about PDPT >>

Public Awareness Campaigns

The STD Prevention Center develops and disseminates public awareness campaigns to promote STD testing and treatment and improve overall health.

We also have a Resource Library, offering providers, clinicians and community partners a wealth of information related to STD prevention and treatment. Our library features a wide array of resources developed by internal experts at Essential Access Health and our partners at the CDC and the California STD Control Branch. Visit our Resource Library >>

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