Have You Been Denied?

In California, women with private health insurance or Medi-Cal have the right to:
  • Choose their preferred type of birth control without restrictions or co-pays 
  • Receive a 12-month supply of birth control pills, contraceptive patches or vaginal rings at one time
Private health insurance or Medi-Cal plans CANNOT:
  • Refuse to cover a prescribed birth control method 
  • Charge a fee or co-pay for birth control 
  • Require a woman to try one method first before covering the preferred method of choice (like trying the pill before the patch, ring, implant or IUD) 
  • Require a woman to return to the pharmacy or doctor's office every 30 - 90 days to pick up pills, rings, or patches. Women can now get a full 12-month supply at once as prescribed or requested.

PLEASE NOTE: These policies and contraceptive coverage requirements DO NOT apply to some employer based health plans or health plans operated by colleges or universities.

GOT DENIED? We want to know if a health insurance plan is not following the law or if your employer or campus health plan DOES NOT offer you these contraceptive coverage benefits. Please share your experiences with us.

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If you have questions or would like support to file a complaint with your health plan, contact Sylvia Castillo, Senior Manager of Government + Community Affairs at scastillo@essentialaccess.org.

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