FDA Removes Onerous Restrictions on Medication Abortion During the Pandemic

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Emma Hodson / (510) 486-0412, x2326

Statement by Julie Rabinovitz, President + CEO, Essential Access Health

“The FDA’s decision to remove onerous and unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone during the pandemic is a crucial step toward closing inequitable gaps in time-sensitive abortion access.

“Our public policies have to catch up with the science. Based on the extensive evidence and reams of expert analysis available regarding the safety and efficacy of mifepristone, the decision is welcome, but long overdue. Now the Biden administration must move quickly to make this policy change permanent.

“Lack of access makes the legal right to abortion out of reach for too many. Nearly 90% of counties across the U.S. counties, including 40% of counties in California, lack an abortion provider.

“The administration now has the opportunity - and obligation - to ensure that individuals across the country have access to the early abortion care they want and need without delay.”