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There's a New Name in Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Our name has changed. Our mission hasn't.

You've come to know California Family Health Council as an effective champion for quality sexual and reproductive health care for all.

For decades, we have been a strong partner and trusted resource for health care professionals delivering these essential health services in diverse settings. From the beginning, our work has been grounded in our commitment to expanding access for women, men and teens - to help them stay healthy, plan their families and their futures.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016 - WINNETKA -- Beginning next year, women in California will have one less thing to worry about. That advancement was made possible with the signing last week of Senate Bill 999 by Senator Fran Pavley, which will allow women to receive up to a 12-month supply of birth control. The ability to receive a 12-month supply will eliminate the need to return to a pharmacy every 30 or 90 days to refill prescriptions, reducing the possibility of temporarily...

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Some women worried about Trump, rush to get affordable birth control

Sacramento Bee - The reality in California, however, is that privately insured women may be seeking IUDs prematurely, said Amy Moy, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit reproductive health group Essential Access Health. ... “It’s great that the threat people anticipate from the federal level is sparking an interest in women getting the contraceptive care that they choose and that they need,” Moy said. “We want them to know that in California we’ve got them covered, and the ability to do so is not based on any federal statute. They don’t have to make a mad dash.”