California Benefits Alliance for Non-Profits (CBAN)

The California Health Benefits Alliance for Non-Profits (CBAN), a partnership between Essential Access Health and Houska Insurance Services (HIS), helps health providers save on health benefits by improving purchasing power with insurance carriers. CBAN provides members with savings to support access to quality and affordable health care for all.

CBAN is a federally qualified program that provides lower cost health care benefits to member employees and their dependents. CBAN members are 501(c)(3) community based health care organizations. CBAN benefits include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Currently over 1,200 employees and 1,800 dependents in 22 health care organizations receive discounted benefits through CBAN.

Key CBAN Benefits:

Administrative Services

  • Open enrollment support
  • Maintenance of new enrollments, changes and deletions
  • Assistance with program resolution
  • Billing operations 
  • Annual audit preparation and filings

Brokerage Services

  • Determining rate and plan competitiveness
  • Providing rate predictability and stability
  • Bringing "economies of scale" into the negotiating process
  • Consistently providing timely contract and rate renewals

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