CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program Participation Requirements

Eligible clinic sites and local health jurisdictions (LHJs) that participate in the Chlamydia/Gonorrhea (CT/GC) Patient-Delivered Partner Therapy (PDPT) Distribution Program are required to adhere to the following participation requirements:

Distribute medication as appropriate.

Distribute medication from the CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program to patients who have received a positive chlamydia/gonorrhea diagnosis for provision only to their sex partners (a) who they believe are unable or unlikely to seek prompt clinical services and (b) who they believe to be uninsured and/or underinsured. LHJs using the medication for other methods of expedited partner treatment (EPT), such as field-delivered treatment (FDT), are permitted to provide the medication to the patient as appropriate.

Medication for use only at specific site/LHJ that requested the medication.

Distribute medication from the CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program only at the participating clinic site or LHJ that requested the medication. Please note that medication ordered by LHJs for FDT can only be used for FDT. Medication from the CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program may not be shared with other clinic sites or LHJs. LHJs may not order medications to distribute to non-LHJ affiliated clinics or community health center partners.

Provide patient education material and clinic referral with each dose.

Dispense medication from the CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program in conjunction with patient education material (available on the Resources page) and a clinic referral.

Watch required webinar.

Watch the PDPT webinar at least once, and again when an updated version is published. The point-person and site contacts (applicable to agencies and LHJs with multiple participating sites) are required to watch Essential Access Health PDPT webinar at least once and agree to be responsible for keeping all clinical staff informed about the appropriate uses of PDPT and applicable program requirements. Essential Access Health recommends that the medical director or physician overseeing EPT/PDPT dispensing practices also watch the webinar at least once, and again when an updated version is published

In order to properly receive credit for watching the webinar, the point-person and site contact(s) must each create an account with Essential Access Health Online Learning Portal and log in to the Portal through that account to watch the webinar. Essential Access Health Online Learning Portal is a separate system from the PDPT Distribution website and your PDPT log-in will NOT get you access to the Portal. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Keep a medication log.

Keep a log (“medication log”) of all dispensed medication doses from the CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program at each participating clinic site or LHJ. Aggregate site-specific data, including data from the medication log, is required to be submitted online with each new CT/GC PDPT Distribution Program medication request. Learn more about the medication log requirement.

All requirements must be met to continue participation in the program. Program compliance may be reviewed by Essential Access Health.

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