House Committee Proposes to Eliminate the Federal Family Planning Program, Threatens Reproductive Health Access in California | CFHC Press Release

House Committee Proposes to Eliminate the Federal Family Planning Program, Threatens Reproductive Health Access in California

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Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Amy Moy, 415.518.4465 /

Statement from Nomsa Khalfani, Senior Vice President, Programs + Strategic Initiatives

Los Angeles/Berkeley – “The draft fiscal year 2018 spending bill released yesterday by the House Labor-HHS subcommittee is an extreme measure that if advanced, will put access to quality sexual and reproductive health at risk in California and across the country.  Among other things, the proposal calls for eliminating the federal Title X family planning program and bars Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding.

If this measure moves forward it will be devastating to the family planning safety net  and strip access to time sensitive health services from millions of low-income individuals across the nation. It would destabilize and burden our health care delivery system as a whole, lead to a loss of jobs, health center closures and reverse course on the progress we have made in reducing unintended pregnancy rates which are at a record low.

California’s Title X system – the largest and most diverse Title X system in the nation – provides family planning and related services like STD and breast and cervical cancer screenings to over 1,000,000 low-income women, men and teens each year through a network of over 370 health center in 37 of California’s 58 counties. The Title X program ensures that these essential health services are available to over 4,000,000 patients nationwide.

The subcommittee spending proposal claims to cut “low-priority programs” while investing in “essential health.” This just doesn’t add up.

Family planning is an essential component of individual and community health and economic security. The Title X program saves money and helps women plan their futures and their families.  If there’s something all members of Congress should be able to agree on, it’s the value of programs like Title X that help prevent unintended pregnancy, support positive public health outcomes and save billions of taxpayer dollars. U.S. taxpayers save $7 for every $1 the government spends on family planning and more than half of all births are covered by Medicaid.

Eliminating Title X is bad public policy and bad for public health. The program has been an integral part of our public health system since it was established with bi-partisan support and signed into law by President Richard Nixon. We must call on our leaders to oppose this proposal that is particularly cruel and absent of logic at a time when over 20,000,000 could lose their health care coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.”